Daily Specials

Cevapcici / 11,90

5 pieces of juicy grilled cevapcici served with fries, ketchup, onion mustard, and coleslaw

Steaks / 30,90

Our steaks according to the menu:
Pepper Steak / Flank Steak / Rib Eye Steak / US Filet Steak.

XXL Spareribs / 23,90

Our XXL spare ribs, original or with honey-sesame coating, served with dollar chips

Burger / 10,90

All burgers according to the menu come with dollar chips (except XXL Saloon Burger and Sheriff’s Favorite Burger)

Friday & Saturday
Cocktails / 7,50

Cocktail Happy Hour from 7-9 PM!
Tequila Sunrise / Pina Colada / Caipirinha / Mojito

Bud Spencer XL / 16,90

Bud Spencer XL Schnitzel
Our crispy extra-large pork schnitzel with potato salad

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